Living in Health and Comfort

Innovations geared toward healthy living are constantly added to the market, expanding our ability to automate and engage the world around us. Building science reflects this trend. With at-home applications for controlling air quality, entertainment, security and atmosphere, the modern home is a refuge for comfort and well being.

Custom Amenities

Air Quality — Most homes have no fresh air except for what leaks in through weaknesses in insulation. High-performing homes employing superior insulation and sealing technologies allow heat and air systems to operate extremely efficiently using smaller mechanical units. Since the structure is so air-tight, re-circulated indoor air can become problematic. An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) solves this issue by turning over fresh air throughout the home every three to four hours on average. In addition to purifying the air, these high-efficiency units also cycle moisture out and keep heat you’ve already paid for inside the home. EPA research shows that up to 60% of chronic health issues are caused by poor indoor air quality. The ERV actively filters the air and removes allergens, dust, odors and volatile organic compounds. The result is healthier indoor air.

Humidity and Temp Controls —Unless you own a Passive House or a Zero Energy Ready Home, up to 50% of your energy costs can be attributed to heating and cooling. With a smart thermostat, managing the atmosphere of your custom home is as simple as establishing preset functions so automatic sensors throughout the home can predict your patterns and cycle accordingly. The EcoBee wifi thermostat uses thousands of data points to personalize your energy use, maximizing the performance of your heating and cooling systems and saving up to 23% annually on utilities. Change settings easily from any synced device and discover comfort as a way of life.

Lighting — TRU-Building installs 100% LED home lighting, exceeding the standards of Net Zero homes, which are certified at 85%. We will help you strike the right balance between design strategies and passive fixtures to amplify natural lighting—like bounce light, indirect or reflective light—and new technologies like Philips Hue or other LED bulb varieties. Emerging LED technology offers the aesthetics and warmth of light you’re accustomed to, in addition to compatibility with home automation hubs for personalization and further peace of mind. Systems like Hue can remotely light your entryway as you return home, or transform your living room into a home theater simply by dimming and coloring the light with smart bulbs.

Home Entertainment — Unify multiple home audio and entertainment features into a consolidated system and control all your devices from your smartphone, tablet or in-home command panel. An included over-the-air digital television antennae provides over 30 channels for free HD TV the day you move in. Add an optional Channel Master DVR and you can record exactly what you want to see. Add internet service and you’re ready to cut the cord and still have the streaming entertainment you desire. By networking with other features throughout your custom home, Bluetooth speakers, WiFi and remote sensors can queue up the perfect atmosphere to welcome you home or effortlessly transition an evening’s mood from dinner to cocktails.

The Smart Home Life

Cut the cord on bulky technologies and streamline multiple systems within a custom Smart Home. Control wireless television and home audio, lights, blinds, security cameras, smart locks, thermostat sensors and more from your computer or mobile phone with a simple click or voice command. TRU-Building will guide you through your options for customizing a safer, simpler life.

We offer industry leaders like August Smart Locks, EcoBee thermostats, Philips Hue lighting and other consumer favorites that seamlessly integrate with the patterns of your everyday life. Through unique combinations of remote sensors, WiFi and selected hardware, your custom home can sense authorized entries, temperature changes, lighting needs and more to be immediately responsive and even meet your needs remotely. Let us show you the best technologies for your best life.

Did You Know?

Land Selection Matters

The land surrounding your home or business, and how your building is positioned on its site, can affect energy performance and comfort. Whether you have land or a broker of your own, our in-house broker has your comfort in mind when advising on land acquisition from an energy efficiency perspective. Considering your building’s placement on the selected site, we’ll strategize features like building orientation, window placement and roof overhangs to maximize or limit solar gain. Even before breaking ground, TRU-Building will help you explore your options to maximize the beauty and efficiency of your build.