Designing Your New Home

When you choose exceptional materials and innovative processes for your new home, there are outcomes besides efficiency and performance—you enjoy a healthy eco-system where beauty, health, comfort and value thrive. TRU-Building engages owners with a building process that reflects our commitment to transparency, efficiency and trust. The journey from concept to reality is a venture we’re honored to share.

Planning for beauty and performance

Sample ImageBuilding an energy-efficient home is an investment in your quality of life. TRU-Building can deliver the industry’s highest performance at every level, scaled to fit your lifestyle. We are proud to effect positive change for our communities and for the environment by exceeding energy efficiency benchmarks in the design, construction and end use of our buildings.

As building technologies evolve, we are discovering new ways to improve construction methods while ensuring value for every custom home. Involving our team of innovators in the early stages of planning and designing your space allows us to recommend practical solutions that align with your budget.

We help you choose right-size investments to match your goals—from cleaner air and lower utility bills, to one of a kind craftsmanship and advanced smart-home automation technologies for a uniquely personal experience.

Together we can build a more beautiful, more mindful home.

Building innovations at every step

At TRU-Building, we are partners in bringing the creative vision of your new home to life.

We consult with you while designs are still on paper, choosing the best strategies and supplies for your build so we’re handing you the keys on time and within budget. You deserve to be involved in the progress of your project just as much as the planning. We provide a web-based software portal called BuilderTrend that allows you to view schedules, make selections, send messages and see an up-to-the-minute budget for your project.

Every cutting edge material and technology we use is about building for performance. From the moisture barrier under the foundation and the insulation in the walls, to the spacing of the trusses and the angle of the roof panels, we meticulously engineer every detail to integrate beauty and efficiency. We strive to offer you a better living experience, delivering proven value and quality of life.

A TRU-Building home will save you money in the years to come by using the best materials today. When you’re ready to break ground on the home of your dreams, we’re ready to help you build smarter and live better.

Did You Know?

You Can Do Better

There are many different efficiency claims on the market today for residential and commercial construction. TRU-Building performs at the highest level with Passive House and Zero Energy Ready certifications for both residential and commercial construction.


Well-insulted buildings set the minimum standard for quality and innovation in energy reductions through basic upgrades to standard construction practices.


Energy Star certified homes use at least 15% less energy than standard homes built to 2003 International Residential Code.


Zero Energy Ready buildings balance the total amount of energy consumed on an annual basis with the amount of renewable energy created on the site or contributed back to the system elsewhere.


Passive House sets a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency that is integrated with a building’s architectural design, reducing its ecological footprint. This category of building operates at 80% less to heat and cool than a code-built home today.

TRU-Building uses elements of both Passive House and Zero Energy Ready methodologies to match your goals and your budget. When you want the highest quality construction, healthiest environment, and maximum savings, you want TRU-Building.