Building for Energy Performance

There’s a difference between meeting a minimum standard and setting the bar.

TRU-Building is proud to be an industry leader in construction innovation and energy performance. We don’t just build efficiently, we build differently.

From the first deisng drawings to your home’s finishing touches, our building science experts find ways to maximize value and innovation. For us, building smarter goes hand in hand with living better.

How We Build Smarter

Tailor Made —We are privileged to advise on possible solutions and ideal outcomes for every custom build, scaling implementation to fit your unique budget and vision. We draft strategies that include optional investments for every level, partnering with you to determine which combination offers the energy outcomes and financial returns you’re looking for. 

 Design — Designing your new home is a synthesis of imagination and science. We listen to your vision of your best life and recommend tools and techniques for building it into reality. While plans are still on paper, we consider every aspect of your experience, from the placement of windows and the angle of roof panels, to the ideal overhang of eaves and the orientation of your home within its surrounding environment

Foundation —An innovative foundation is the first indicator that your custom home is going to perform better. We encapsulate the foundation (slab or basement floor and walls) in expanded polystyrene foam, building a barrier between the foundation of the home and the ground, limiting thermal transfer. A vapor barrier under the slab also blocks radon gas, a common household emission and the number two cause of cancer after smoking, according to the EPA. These simple modifications increase energy efficiency as well as moisture control and overall peace of mind.

Framing — Framing offers an opportunity to apply the next distinct design variation. One of our advanced framing methods involves spacing 2×6 trusses at 24 inches on center instead of the standard 16. The load points with the roof trusses exactly align so the walls require less wood while remaining structurally sound. The space created with this construction method allows for additional insulation to replace what would otherwise be thinner, more permeable wood structures. Less air filtration, decreased weight and increased strength all contribute to the efficiency of this approach.

Windows and Doors — Many builders claim energy efficiency as a result of meeting minimum building code standards or installing ENERGY STAR® windows, but TRU-Building is proud to exceed these industry minimums. For instance, most windows installed in new homes average an R-value of 3, indicating the capacity of the window to resist heat flow. We can provide efficiencies of R7 or higher.

Similarly, we identify another common weak point in home construction—doors—and add units with double seals for superior insulation against energy loss.

 Insulation — When the building process allows ample space for insulation, you enjoy higher efficiency and increased comfort in your home. Additional insulation on the exterior of the structure of your home offers a supplementary barrier against moisture and energy transfer. By reducing air infiltration, we reduce the amount of moisture available to contribute to mold, rot and the deterioration of building materials. Envisioning all the structures of a new home as parts of a whole, we see various elements of the build begin to work together toward energy harmony throughout your home.

 Siding and Masonry —We balance costs with durability to deliver strong returns on every investment. New siding products offer an extremely durable exterior, resistant to water, easy to paint, and guaranteed with a limited 50 year warranty. With options for varied lifestyles, we don’t ever approach two houses in exactly the same way—we advise on how best to apply your dollars toward meaningful investments that will stand the test of time.

Roofing —Shingles themselves aren’t an energy feature, but the methods applied underneath—whether vented or pleated—make all the difference. We rely largely on Tamco Heritage shingles for 30 and 50-year compositions, but we are familiar with various brands and materials. From metal and clay Tamco products, to the highest-rated hail and lifetime warranty DaVinci plastics, we’ll find the best fit for your stylistic and architectural needs.

Did You Know?

You can even engineer the passive elements of home design to incorporate energy efficiency into your daily life? Consider design elements like:

  • Roof overhang and angle for solar energy maximization
  • Size and placement of windows
  • Overall shape and flow of building
  • Strategic architectural features and interior colors

Consult with the TRU-Building experts to start conceptualizing a new home today. We can also audit an existing home for potential energy modifications.