Transforming Your Space

When you choose the TRU-Building team for your remodel, we’re always available to answer questions and advise toward beautiful, efficient additions and updates. Offering an exceptional level of customer care to every job, we communicate clearly to understand your needs and illustrate our strategies for the construction process. Whether you’re looking to build on the value of existing assets or create new features, we will devise a budget, construction schedule and energy allocation that meets your needs.

Residential Remodeling

TRU-Building is your trusted expert for any update, from a complete home overhaul, to minor additions, outdoor rooms, patios and more. We can also work with you on an existing space to update finishes for a fresh look. Our years of experience in the growing smart home technology sector inform practical solutions for streamlining lighting, security and home entertainment systems, or upgrading air quality and energy performance in your home. In whatever way you call on our expertise, we are honored to partner with you in optimizing the surroundings of your daily life.

Commercial Upgrades

Well-versed in building science and construction best practices, TRU-Building is a strong ally on any update. Whether you’re expanding your space, rearranging workflows or engineering a healthier, more comfortable atmosphere for customers and employees, we will scale solutions to fit. Introducing the latest technology for LED lighting and air filtration will improve the experience of your space as well as increase its efficiency, delivering quality you can feel and value you can measure. Whatever you have in mind, from demolition to interior decorating, our team will come alongside you to revitalize your space.

Energy Assessments

If you’re curious about incorporating simple upgrades to increase the atmosphere and performance of your home or business, TRU-Building is your expert source for energy assessments. Identify and address energy inefficiencies in any space to lower overhead costs and improve air quality for increased health and comfort. Whether you’re looking to breathe easier, save on utilities or explore the latest high-performing technologies, we gladly take time to offer full explanations of the unique options available. Contact us to learn more about the energy-related solutions and savings possible in your space.

Personal Commitment and Expertise

David Rader leads the team with 10 years experience owning his own remodeling business. Reach out today so we can start strategizing updates for your space.