Smart Home Upgrades

Automated home controls can make energy savings simple and convenient. Explore the newest technologies and let’s start a conversation about how TRU-Building can help you simplify energy savings and enhance your at-home experience.


Home is more than a place, it’s a feeling. What better way to reflect the vibrancy of your home than with Philips Hue personalized wireless LED lighting? Cycle colors and moods throughout your home, connecting up to 50 lights and accessories with the Hue bridge, all wirelessly controlled from the Hue app. Motion detectors, daylight sensors and other smart features combine convenience and efficiency to guarantee you energy savings and peace of mind. You can even cycle lights remotely, lighting the drive to welcome you home after dark, or making it look like you’re home when you’re away.

Thermostat Control

Unless your home is a Passive House or Zero Energy Ready Home, heating and cooling your home can account for up to 50% of your energy costs. Imagine if your thermostat was smart enough to sense changes in the weather and adjust its settings automatically, or if it could be programmed to match your schedule and cycle into an energy-saving mode while you sleep? These are real features of the EcoBee3 thermostat, a smart home feature that makes saving energy effortless. The WiFi compatible system uses multiple sensors throughout your home to map heating and cooling needs throughout the house, cycling according to real-time data, pre-programmed schedules, or mobile commands from your phone or tablet. Control your atmosphere—and your bills—from anywhere, any time with the latest in intuitive technology.


Invest in peace of mind with the latest security technologies like August Smart Lock. A lock-doorbell-camera, August uses digital keys and an entryway camera to put you in charge of who’s welcome in your home. Authorize permanent or temporary keys and receive a message whenever someone unlocks the door—instant notifications alert you to guests leaving or the kids making it home from school. Easily monitored via the app, August lets you see who’s at your door, unlock for deliveries and scheduled visitors, then lock again. Battery-operated, your security doesn’t falter if the power fails. Say goodbye to worrying about losing keys or having to ask for spares back—security today is smarter than that.

Cut The Cord

Cut the cord on bulky technologies and streamline multiple systems within a custom Smart Home. Control wireless television and home audio, lights, blinds, security cameras, smart locks, thermostat sensors and more from your computer or mobile phone with a simple click or voice command. TRU-Building will guide you through your options for customizing a safer, simpler life, starting with a smarter home.