Smarter Commercial Construction

Many builders are happy to meet minimal code standards and achieve basic energy efficiency certification. Some will go a bit further and build to Energy Star standards.  But TRU-Building innovates on another level. Everything we do, every step of the building process, reflects our commitment to building better by building differently.

We use Passive House and Zero Energy Ready building techniques from the ground up, comprehensively applying cost-saving, energy savvy solutions to foundations, wall assemblies, insulation, interior finishes and more. We will advise on which materials have the best energy ratings, where to position them in your design and how to incorporate passive energy conservation strategies. Over 30 years experience in the construction industry and a strong foundation in building science informs every recommendation. TRU-Building will help you find solutions that deliver value, incorporating the highest level of performance and quality throughout your build.

A Smarter Partner

Plan, Design, Engineer, Build — TRU-Building is your construction ally from concept to completion. We see the  building process as a holistic relationship—between the members of your design team, and between the various elements of your building and its overall performance. By recommending strong strategies for energy efficiency from the earliest phases of development, we incorporate cost-saving solutions throughout your project. We work alongside architects and engineers to ensure form supports function, finding the best materials and processes to maximize your investment for long term comfort, value and durability.

Land Acquisition and Planning — The land surrounding your home or business, and how your building is positioned on its site, can affect energy performance and comfort. Whether you have land or a broker of your own, our in-house broker has your comfort in mind when advising on land acquisition from an energy efficiency perspective. Considering your building’s placement on the selected site, we’ll strategize features like building orientation, window placement and roof overhangs to maximize or limit solar gain. Even before breaking ground, TRU-Building will help you explore your options to maximize the beauty and efficiency of your build.

Energy Performance and Efficiency — TRU-Building champions smarter structures that are engineered to deliver increasing savings over time. If the energy efficiency of industrial and commercial buildings in the United States increased by just 10%, estimated savings would total $40 billion, according to the EPA. TRU-Building sets its standards even higher, helping you design a Passive House or Zero Energy Building (ZEB) facility that considers the effects of lighting, equipment, traffic flow, air quality, and atmosphere. We will contribute strategies for eliminating wasteful construction practices and expensive design weaknesses, using more durable materials and reducing overall energy consumption throughout the building. Streamlining your facility’s energy usage will return those savings to your bottom line and create space for customers and employees to thrive.


Did You Know?

TRU-Building has experience working across a variety of commercial building types, from manufacturing facilities and commercial offices, to medical facilities and places of worship. On average, these commercial and industrial facilities waste up to 30% of their total energy consumption through wasteful or unnecessary processes. Reducing that inefficiency by just 10% would eliminate emissions equal to the exhaust of 30 million cars. That’s all the cars in Texas, Ohio, Illinois and New York combined. Investing in smarter construction creates immediate utility savings and long-term environmental change.