High Performance Work Spaces

The TRU-Building vision is to create innovative structures that deliver industry-leading energy efficiency. In our model of high performance commercial construction, form leads function. Our construction processes take a holistic approach—recognizing the connection between various design elements of your building and its overall performance. We come to the table early in the building process, lending our insights to the design and planning of your project alongside architects and developers. Together we ensure efficiency throughout the build, meeting tight budgets, minimizing material waste and maximizing your dollar. We work with your team every step of the way to contribute valuable strategies for healthy, efficient spaces.

Healthy, Efficient Work Spaces

Office Environments—Re-imagine the daily grind from the ground up. TRU-Building will help you think beyond traditional methods to envision the most cost effective approach to high-performing office space. Outline your energy allocation and we’ll create a construction plan that operates within those parameters. Reassure stakeholders with energy efficient materials and streamlined construction processes, and attract employees with intuitive building layout, exceptional atmosphere and the reputation that you build only the best. TRU-Building’s performance-based office spaces last longer, provide a healthier work environment for your employees, and meet your goals by designing for savings and durability.

Retail and Restaurants—TRU-Building’s commitment to construction innovation lays the groundwork for satisfying experiences in any space. Whether your atmosphere is airy or intimate, raw or refined, we will collaborate with your team to strategize the best layout, design features and material recommendations for your needs. Acting as the bridge between concept and execution, we work with developers and architects to incorporate energy efficient structures into beautiful design, creating healthier environments for your employees and customers through smart-space technology. We will develop strategies to minimize construction waste and recommend premium products to guarantee competitive energy savings for the lifetime of your building. Our performance-minded experts will help you assemble the right team to collaborate on a fully-imagined space for your business to thrive.

Manufacturing — Our commitment to high-performance buildings encompasses over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, rigorously studying building science. For manufacturing operations of all sizes, we will scale design solutions to deliver industry-leading energy efficiency and high-level performance with competitive ROI. We’re familiar with a diverse range of strategies for maximizing your budget and increasing energy efficiency, from building layout and passive temperature control, to air filtration and LED lighting solutions. Set your business apart and save money on costly upgrades or repairs by building smarter the first time around. TRU-Building is your ally and advisor from planning to completion—let us hand you the keys to a smarter space.

Medical—Your dedication to quality goes in hand with our expertise in construction innovation. According to the EPA, commercial facilities use 30% of their energy inefficiently or unnecessarily, and account for 19% of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. TRU-Building addresses the potential causes of this waste, designing structural and systematic solutions for healthier, more productive, facilities. We collaborate directly with architects and developers to champion industry-leading, energy-saving construction methods that minimize waste and deliver savings long term. We will advise on premium air filtration systems to ensure comfortable, sterile conditions, and scale energy efficient lighting solutions between various zones, from lounges to supply closets. The savings you see as a result of measures like these will translate to customers, as operational costs come within sustainable limits. As partners in more healthy, comfortable living, trust TRU-Building to reduce your facility’s inefficiencies and nurture health, beauty and peace of mind for everyone you serve.

Worship Spaces— Countless faith traditions share teachings on stewardship of the natural world. Looking after the energy efficiency of worship spaces is one way congregations can align their beliefs with their actions. According to ENERGY STAR® research, many congregations have seen savings up to 30% simply by investing in efficient equipment and facility upgrades. Connecting the dots between your unique aesthetic, budget, and end use, TRU-Building will envision a space that responsibly meets your needs. We will design an environment that reflects your commitment to good stewardship and your need for a welcoming, inspiring venue.