Core Values

TRU-Building operates according to three core values: integrity, knowledge and expertise. These principles guide our collaborative approach to building attractive, functional spaces that deliver industry-leading energy efficiency, healthier indoor air quality and the advanced technology features today’s buyers seek.

Culture & Approach

Just as we work side by side with clients, architects, contractors and engineers, we urge collaboration among our internal teams. We also encourage our employees to be relentlessly proactive. Good ideas can come from anywhere, and any innovation that saves money, increases efficiency or improves outcomes on a project is worth pursuing. The TRU-Building leadership model is integrity-based—our leaders practice what they preach. We promote transparency, efficiency and excellence in everything we do. As a result, each employee contributes their unique gifts to our building process and takes pride in our work as if their name was on the door.

Ultra Efficiency & Sustainability

What we refer to as “TRU-Building excellence” is the result of a three-fold commitment to function, efficiency and performance. Function encompasses the design of your space. Residential or commercial, it’s important to have a functional space that meets all of your needs. The energy efficiency of any space in its end use is vital, but we are also mindful of efficiency in our building processes. We commit, on every project, to meeting tight budgets, minimizing material waste, and maximizing your dollar. By incorporating compelling function and efficiency throughout the process, engineering it as a foundational element of the way we build and do business, we prime your project for optimum performance. When we turn over your keys, you become the owner of a healthier, more durable environment for your everyday life. For the TRU-Building team, construction innovation is an essential practice for building more beautiful, sustainable lives.

Client Concierge

We set an exceptional standard of excellence in building practice and we are reimagining customer service to match. The TRU-Building client concierge is a dedicated representative who acts as a liaison between the client and their construction team. Open communication, uncommon customer service and immediate access to a friendly, knowledgeable resource for the duration of your project set the TRU-Building experience apart. We’re confident that building better relationships is an essential element of building better lives.

Builder Trend

At TRU-Building, we are partners in bringing the creative vision of your new home to life, and we think you deserve to see behind the scenes.  Using a web-based software portal called BuilderTrend, you can view schedules, make selections, send messages and see an up-to-the-minute budget for your project. You deserve to be involved in the progress of your project just as much as the planning. We consult with you while designs are still on paper, choosing the best strategies and supplies for your build so we’re handing you the keys on time and within budget.